All you need to know about Bitcoin Casinos

BTC CasinosWe already introduced you to the Bitcoin world with the article A Bitcoin guide, but now is time to talk about Bitcoin Casinos. To understand what a Bitcoin Casino is, imagine an ordinary online casino, with the same popular games and gaming equipment. What is different about Bitcoin Casinos is that the payments are made using bitcoins. 

Bitcoin-operated online casinos offer many advantages because bitcoin is more convenient than real money and it is considered a virtual currency. 

How to find good Bitcoin Casinos 

There are many online casinos (including but not limited to NetEnt Casino) that accept bitcoin as a payment currency. You can easily find them just by searching the web. It’s very easy to find these casinos, what’s harder is to know which one of them is worth playing at. For that, you have to read reliable bitcoin online casino reviews, written by specialized sites. You have to trust the casino you’re going to play at because the virtual currency bitcoin will be exchanged for real money. 

Advantages of playing at Bitcoin casinos 

The most important thing is that Bitcoin casinos offer great privacy. This is thanks to the fact thatBitcoin games  bitcoin is an untraceable currency, so people don’t know where your payments come from. This means that third parties don’t have access to your private information. Also because bitcoin is a virtual currency, it cannot be stolen. Like you already know, all the traditional currency systems require lots of personal information, but bitcoin only needs physical access to your computer for transferring funds. If in general, you have to wait a lot of time for account deposits and withdrawals, the waiting time for bitcoin casinos is very short. This way, players have more time to enjoy playing than making transactions. Also, you’ll be able to withdraw your money in no time! 

Bitcoin games 

After exchanging your money for Bitcoins you can start playing the games you want at online Bitcoins casinos. You will find from classic casino games (roulette – more information look here –, blackjack, poker, video poker, slots, baccarat, craps, and many others) or special bitcoin games (SantoshiDice, Hi/Lo, Over/Under). 

US and non US players 

Like any other online casinos, there are bitcoin casinos that accept players from the US and others who don’t. Every casino provides a list of restricted countries, check it out to see if your country is allowed to register and play. 

Our advice is to search for some online bitcoin casinos, register for a free account, deposit a small amount of money and try a game. This way, without spending too much cash, you’ll see if you like playing and decide if you’d like to invest more money, and then win generous prizes.