eCheck payment method in online casinos in Canada

What is instant eChecks Canada

E-CheckThe instant eChecks system enables you to quickly and securely transfer money from your bank account to your game account using electronic checks. Electronic checks work just like paper checks: when you make a deposit using an electronic check, a request is sent to your bank to secure the amount you deposit in the same way as using the paper check you wrote. After confirming the check, money is transferred from your bank account to your player account.

Deposits using the Instant eCheck system are credited to your account immediately, even though money from your bank account will be received later.

Since the transfer of money from a bank account can take up to 7 days, your deposit will be considered “unpaid” within 7 days after making a deposit using the Instant eCheck system. At the same time, you will not be able to withdraw funds unless your account has more money than the total amount of unpaid deposits made using the Instant eCheck system. Money in the account more than the number of unpaid deposits can be used normally, including withdrawal and transfer of funds.

E-CheckIf the Instant eCheck deposit is not paid by the bank and returned as unpaid, certain restrictions will be imposed on subsequent deposits using the Instant eCheck system, including crediting money to the account upon receipt of money from the bank, and not immediately. If the funds deposited by you with eCheck are not immediately available, you may have previously had refunds, due to which your deposit will now be available only after 10 days. If you have received an email confirming a successful deposit, you have not had a refund of deposits before, but you still do not see the amount of the deposit in your account, contact the support service.

How to send a withdrawal request at casino eCheck

To send a withdrawal request, log in with your account and go to the Cashier.

Click on the “Withdraw funds” button, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and click on the “Send” button.

Before sending a request, carefully check the data on the withdrawal of funds on the screen. In the next window you will see information about how your request for withdrawal of funds will be processed. This is just preliminary information about the process of payment of the specified amount. We cannot guarantee that the withdrawal of funds will be carried out exactly as described since this assessment does not take into account temporary interruptions in communication with third-party operators or problems with accounts that we do not service.

After each transaction, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. After withdrawing funds, be sure to read the confirmation letter and verify the data is correct.

If you notice that the card or account to which funds should be credited is more inactive or expired, cancel the request and contact support.

How often can I withdraw сash at eCheck casinos

At any time, you can have no more than one incomplete (that is, requested, but not yet processed) request for withdrawal of funds for each method. Also, for some methods there is a limit on the number of withdrawal requests that can be sent within 24 hours. This information can be seen on the right side of the withdrawal dialog box.

Is it possible to cancel the withdrawal of funds using eCheck Canada

If your request for withdrawal of funds has not yet been processed, then you can cancel it in the Cashier. To see the list of raw withdrawals, open the “Active withdrawals” in the Cashier. To cancel the request for withdrawal of funds, check the “Cancel” box and click on the “Cancel Selected Withdrawals” button. If the system does not allow this, most likely, your request for withdrawal of funds is already being processed. This is a standard procedure that usually takes only a few hours.