Top 5 Gambling Nations

gambling nationsGambling analysts are constantly researching the topic of online gambling around the world. They are interested in social as well as economic nuances that are closely related to games where there is an opportunity to make money. They are especially interested in the field of various virtual games and online casinos. More about online casinos for real money can be found at Recently, sociologists from Britain, summarizing the scattered information collected on online casino punters around the world, reported which nation is the most gambling nation on the planet.

1. Australia

Surprisingly, the rating of the most gambling nations, according to British researchers, was topped by the Australians. Although there are not many gambling establishments here, they spend on average more than $ 1200 on gambling during the month. They are especially interested in poker and blackjack.

2. Singapore

According to experts, in this state, the average citizen spends about 1.17 thousand $ on various gambling per year. At the same time, the popularity of this sphere of entertainment is growing rapidly. Moreover, the government has recently legalized bookmakers, online and land-based casinos where you can play for real money. For example Dama N.V Casinos.

3. Ireland

Here the preference is still given to horse racing, but, as in other countries of the world, there is a huge number of online casinos. Irish people, despite some restrictions and high taxation on winnings, actively play for real money, supporting the opinion of researchers that they are the most gambling nation in the world.

4. Canada

The most popular gambling game in Canada is poker and real money sports betting. In addition, Canadians are ready to spend more than $ 568 a year on gambling. Gambling is officially allowed in the country, but there are separate rules for each province. The process of making a decision to regulate control over online casinos is underway. But at the same time, Canada entered the TOP-5 countries, whose citizens show a special love for gambling, takes 4th place in the ranking of the most gambling countries in the world. But even when playing in legal casinos in the country users should remember about responsibility and self-control. Therefore, we advise to read the information on the website

5. Norway

In this country, any gambling business is heavily restricted by various government regulations. The casino does not allow the use of bank cards for payments and has firm limits on entertainment spending. A few years ago, a government decree banned cash-based poker. But despite the bans, the Norwegians still manage to spend large sums on games.